The Sunny Day Café is located within its own timeline - an empty "blue" timeline populated solely by its live-in employees and a few others. The premises themselves are part of the Waterfall region within the Underground, known best for its beautiful glittering faux-star ceilings, and relaxing running water echoing within its caverns. Though the Patio area is open access regardless of your approach, in order to access the Café proper, one must use the following coordinates:


Note: For security purposes the coordinates have been removed from this website. Please contact a member of staff directly if you require the coordinates.

If it is your first time visiting the Café, you will land in the Foyer - do not worry, a Temmie will be waiting to let you in to the Café proper.

Note that it is ill advised to stray away from the Café as you risk disturbing other residents of the timeline, and the Café staff cannot be held accountable for anything that occurs outside of the premises.